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Springer Nature adopts Plan S’s Transformative Journals framework


cOAlition S welcomes Springer Nature’s commitment to adhere to the Transformative Journal (TJ) framework. This route allows authors to make the Version of Record (VoR) of their article open access on publication. cOAlition S recognizes the added value of an open access VoR, and preferences this route in the Journal Checker Tool.

Nevertheless, it will be up to funders, authors, and institutions to judge whether the added value in the VoR justifies the price. The Price Transparency Framework developed by cOAlition S will help purchasers of publisher services in determining whether the price charged is fair, reasonable, and commensurate with the services delivered.
Under Plan S, the Transformative Journals framework is just one of the routes to full and immediate open access. Alternatively, authors have the right to deposit their Author Accepted Manuscripts (AAMs) in Plan S compliant repositories via the Rights Retention Strategy (RRS).