What is an Open Access platform?

Published on: 22/05/2020 - Updated on: 28/06/2020

For the purpose of Plan S, Open Access platforms are publishing platforms for the original publication of research output (such as Wellcome Open Research or Gates Open Research) where all peer-reviewed research articles are openly available. Platforms that merely serve to aggregate or re-publish content that has already been published elsewhere are not considered as such.

How does cOAlition S define an OA journal?

Published on: 22/05/2020 - Updated on: 02/06/2020

For the purposes of Plan S, an OA journal is one where all peer-reviewed research articles are openly available from the point of publication. Other content may be behind a paywall.

Will cOAlition S funders pay APCs for alleged predatory journals?

Published on: 22/05/2020 - Updated on: 02/06/2020

The choice of journal in which to submit articles for cOAlition S funded researchers rests with the author(s). The selected peer-reviewed journal should comply with their funders’ OA requirements in order for the funder to pay the publishing charges. It is assumed authors themselves would wish to publish their work only in a reputable and respected scholarly journal. If in doubt authors should liaise with their peers, consult their librarian, and/or use advice such as that on Think/Check/Submit  to ascertain the quality of their chosen journal.

I am concerned that Plan S will limit my choice of journal in which to publish. How is cOAlition S ensuring I can publish in the journal most suitable for my research?

Published on: 22/05/2020 - Updated on: 22/06/2020

cOAlition S funders want their grantees to have the opportunity to continue publishing results in a wide variety of journals. To that end it offers a number of options and initiatives to ensure that as many journals as possible can align their policies with Plan S:

  • Three routes to compliance including a subscription venue (repository route) for publications that cannot transition to OA at this time.
  • Following the SPA-OPS report working with learned societies on models to transition to OA.
  • Commissioning a gap analysis to inform decision making.
  • Ongoing engagement with researchers, libraries, institutions and publishers including via the cOAlition S Ambassadors, the Monitoring Effects of Plan S Working Group, and collaboration with COAR initiative.
Some platforms publish articles before they peer review them, in order to expedite the publication process. Does that mean that an article published on such a platform would be “in scope” or “not in scope” of Plan S?

Published on: 22/05/2020 - Updated on: 02/06/2020

Publications on platforms that offer post publication peer review (such as Gates Open Research, Wellcome Open Research and the TDR Gateway) and similar platforms are compliant. However, in practice, an article only comes in scope for the policy once it has been peer reviewed.