Plan S

Making full and immediate Open Access a reality

Copyright and licensing is very complicated. How can I as a researcher understand what I need to know to be compliant with Plan S?

Published on: 22/05/2020 - Updated on: 25/06/2020

Authors should retain the copyright of their work to enable them to use their own work as they choose. Plan S has author rights retention as a central plank of its guidelines so that authors retain rights to their own work.

  • Information about Creative Commons licences is available on the Creative Commons website
  • Plan S requires that authors or their institutions retain copyright to their publications. You should make sure you do not sign away the copyright of your work. Read any publishing or copyright transfer agreement (CTA) document carefully BEFORE you sign it.
  • If a member of a university, your librarian may be able to offer advice about your copyright and assigning a license to your work.
  • Your publisher may provide information about which licence to select to be compliant with Plan S.