Plan S

Making full and immediate Open Access a reality

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  • To help us advise our researchers on the approach you will adopt for manuscripts submitted to your subscription journals that fall under the Rights Retention Strategy (i.e. authors have the right to self-archive their Author Accepted Manuscripts, without embargo, under a CC BY licence or equivalent (or CC BY-ND upon agreement by the cOAlition S Organisation), in an Open Access repository of their choice), we would be grateful if you could complete and submit the following form by 5th October 2020. If your position varies for different journals, please submit this form once for each position.
  • We provided you with a unique publisher response code on our correspondence on 15 July. Please enter it here so we can verify this response is authentic. If you are a subscription publisher and haven’t received an e-mail from us, but you would like to submit your position, please contact us at requesting a publisher response code.
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  • Publisher’s position on the cOAlition S Rights Retention Strategy

  • Please select one option below which reflects your position for the journals listed below. If your position varies for different journals you can submit this form multiple times, for each set of ISSNs.
  • If we do not hear back from you by 5th October 2020, we will assume Checkbox 4 is your default position. If we subsequently hear from our funded researchers that their manuscripts are not being considered because of the prior copyright licence, we will update the information made available to the Journal Check Tool in accord with Checkbox

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  • Please give us journal ISSNs for which this approach to open access is relevant. For each journal please provide, where relevant, both the Print ISSN and the Electronic ISSN in the text box, separated with a comma.

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