The Plan S toolkit: resources to delve into the principles and implementation of Plan S

Here you will find key resources developed by cOAlition S in the framework of Plan S policy or by cOAlition S organisations towards full and immediate Open Access.

Plan S

Rights Retention Strategy

A suite of resources about the Rights Retention Strategy is freely available for download:

  • Infographic: Graphical summary of how the Rights Retention Strategy sits in relation to the scholarly article publishing process
  • Handout: Overview of the Rights Retention Strategy: rationale, application and benefits for researchers
  • Presentation: A detailed presentation of the Rights Retention Strategy
  • One-pager: What you absolutely need to know about the Rights Retention Strategy in a nutshell


Are you interested in making use of these resources? Have you benefited from the Rights Retention Strategy? Get in touch with us at to receive editable presentations and send us your feedback. We would love to hear your stories!

Journal Checker Tool (JCT)

A web-based tool which provides clear advice to researchers on how they can comply with their funder’s Plan S-aligned Open Access policy when seeking to publish in their chosen journal. During this open testing phase, the community has the opportunity to get acquainted with the tool and provide feedback.

Creative Commons

Ever wondered what licence to choose when publishing a paper or book or sharing an article through a repository? And what licence to apply when sharing your teaching materials? The “Guide to Creative Commons for Scholarly Publications and Educational Resources” wants to help to choose the right licence by addressing several frequently asked questions and common concerns expressed by researchers about the use of CC licences.

  • Guide to Creative Commons for Scholarly Publications and Educational Resources (Version final). Pascal Braak, Hans de Jonge, Giulia Trentacosti, Irene Verhagen, & Saskia Woutersen-Windhouwer. (2020, October 28).

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