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Request for Information – Price and Service Transparency Framework: building a service to provide access to publisher services and pricing data


On behalf of cOAlition S, the European Science Foundation is exploring the feasibility of procuring an online, web-based service that provides:

  • a secure means by which academic journal publishers, who publish research articles funded by cOAlition S organisations, can upload price and service data, as specified in either of the cOAlition S- approved price transparency frameworks;
  • a secure means by which approved users (typically researchers, funders, institutions, librarians and library consortia) can access these data and download or compare the prices and services provided by different journals and publishers.

Before commissioning the development of such a service, the European Science Foundation wishes to solicit the views of potential suppliers and other informed parties regarding the feasibility of this procurement, and the likely approach that suppliers would take to satisfy the brief.

For a detailed description of the service and its requirements, please refer to the Request for Information (RFI). To that end, we would greatly appreciate your responses to a set of questions, as stated in Annex A of the RFI above, no later than Monday 30th November, 09.00 CET.

For more information you may contact: Nora Papp- Le Roy, Programme Manager cOAlition S at info@coalition-s.org