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Departure of Special Envoy for Open Access and Plan S Architect, Robert-Jan Smits


Robert-Jan Smits, the European Commission’s Special Envoy for Open Access and one of the main architects of Plan S, finishes his mandate on 28 February. Robert Kiley of the Wellcome Trust is to act as interim coordinator of cOAlition S.

With the start of his appointment as President of the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, Robert-Jan Smits ends his tenure as Senior Adviser for Open Access and Innovation at the European Political Strategy Centre of the European Commission. His departure also means he will hand over the role of Plan S ‘Champion’.

“Robert-Jan’s vision gave shape to the ten principles of Plan S and his leadership and commitment were instrumental in bringing together the impressive list of research funders that have joined cOAlition S. Today the coalition is committed to implement what is one of the most significant and ambitious changes to the research system. The work he started will have a beneficial impact for the creation, dissemination, and use of knowledge for a long time. It has been a privilege and honour to develop Plan S together with him,” said Marc Schiltz, President of Science Europe.

“I am grateful to President Juncker and Commissioner Moedas for having given me the mandate as well as the support and trust to develop Plan S. To the members of cOAlition S, I would like to thank you for your drive, commitment, and friendship“, added Mr. Smits.

Robert Kiley, Head of Open Research at the Wellcome Trust, will act as cOAlition S coordinator until a new Plan S ‘Champion’ is appointed.

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