Plan S

Making full and immediate Open Access a reality

Priority actions for cOAlition S – from June 2019

We acknowledge that there is a wide range of work to be done to implement Plan S, some of which is noted at various points in the revised implementation guidance.  We have identified the following priorities for the next few months:

  1. Appoint an Open Access Champion who will promote Plan S to research funders and other stakeholders. Read more on OA Champion here
  2. Establish the cOAlition S Secretariat and develop a budget to take work forward. More info here
  3. Convene meetings of the existing members of cOAlition S, to share insights and address challenges in implementing Plan S.
  4. Work together to articulate a vision for the long term future of Open Access.
  5. Set up a task force to develop a framework to monitor the effects of Plan S on the research and scholarly communication ecosystems. Click here to read more on the initiative
  6. Set up a task force to identify where it is difficult to comply with Plan S, consider how to address these issues, and provide reliable information to researchers on how they can align with Plan S. Read the full report on ‘gaps’ by NWO here
  7. Work with publishers, societies, consortia, and others to develop clearer approaches to transformative arrangements towards full and immediate Open Access. Read more here and here
  8. Work with publisher representatives and other stakeholders to define the various services publishers will be asked to price (e.g., triaging, peer review, editorial work, copy editing).
  9. Begin discussions to explore the best ways to implement rights retention for authors and institutions, recognising national, disciplinary, and other differences.


We will use this page to link to updates on progress in these areas. The work is just starting, so there is no further information at present. However, if you would like to contact cOAlition S about this work, please email