Is your journal eligible for transformative journal status?

Before applying, to help quickly determine if your journal is eligible for transformative journal status, please answer the following three questions:

  • Is the journal a subscription or mixed model / hybrid journal?
  • Does the journal publish peer-viewed research content?
  • Does the journal fulfil the quality requirements for publication venues detailed in the Plan S Implementation Guidance?

If you replied YES to all of the above questions, your journal is likely to be eligible to the Plan S Transformative Journal status, and you can proceed with completing the application form below.

The Plan S Transformative Journal status has been specifically developed to provide subscription or hybrid journals that publish peer-reviewed research output with a path towards full Open Access publishing. For other types of journals,  there are other routes to Plan S compliance. If you are here because your journal is open access, and you want to make sure that the Journal Checker Tool shows it as offering Plan S compliance to your authors, please check our guidance to Plan S compliance.

Please note that the timeframe for a new Transformative Journal to appear in the Journal Checker Tool may take up to two weeks depending on the size of the application.