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The Howard Hughes Medical Institute joins cOAlition S


cOAlition S is excited to welcome the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) as the newest organisation to join cOAlition S, a consortium of research funding and performing organisations committed to delivering full and immediate Open Access to scientific publications.

Advocating for broader immediate access to published scientific research, the HHMI announced today, October 1, 2020, significant changes to its publishing policy. The new policy, which aligns with the principles of Plan S,  will take effect on January 1, 2022, and will require all HHMI laboratory heads to publish in a manner that makes their research articles freely available on the day of publication under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence (CC BY).

HHMI is the largest private biomedical research institution in the United States, spending more than $750 million annually on basic biomedical research and employing more than 2,300 employees. By launching its new policy, HHMI joins forces with cOAlition S organisations in the drive towards full and immediate open access publishing.

Robert Kiley, Head of Open Research at Wellcome and cOAlition S Coordinator welcomed the news that HHMI was joining cOAlition S, commenting: “By aligning its Open Access policy with Plan S, HHMI is making clear that the research articles which arise from their support must be accessible and reusable to all.  There are huge societal challenges ahead of us and making research Open Access will help address them head-on”.


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