Information for university research managers and administrators

University research managers and administrators who deal with research grant awards may encounter awards from cOAlition S research funders that include open access requirements that align with the principles of Plan S. 

It’s important to remember that:

  • Plan S itself is not a policy – Plan S is a set of 10 principles and guidance on implementation
  • cOAlition S funders have agreed to implement the 10 principles of Plan S in a coordinated way and align their policies with these principles

The following PDF presents the 10 Plan S Principles, relevant key themes for universities, and suggestions for what universities can do to reflect the principles in support of the researchers and research at their institution. 

Facilitating Plan S policy in your institution [pdf]

Below are some examples of rights retention-type policies adopted by institutions, as described by colleagues who have gone through the implementation process:

If you are looking for a list of institutional rights-retention open-access policies (IRRPs), the Open Access Directory (OAD) has you covered. Check this page:  University rights-retention OA policies – Open Access Directory (

Rights Retention Strategy resources

cOAlition S has produced a number of resources that are available to be used freely by institutional research support staff, as part of their support services for their researchers. Some are released under an open licence and can therefore be adapted for use in a local setting. To explore them, please visit the RRS resources for librarians page.

We welcome news and examples of how institutions have used the list above, and any feedback from researchers that can be shared. Please feel free to send us your suggestions for additional information that would be useful to you and researchers at your institution.