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Stefano Bianco

Senior Researcher / Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN) - Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati

Experimental physicist based at Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati of INFN. Past experience at Fermilab (US) and Dafne (Frascati) with activity in heavy flavour physics, detector development, installation and operation. Since 2005 leading the Frascati group in CMS experiment at CERN with responsibilities in development construction and installation of novel Muon detectors. Active in Open Access publishing since 2000. Head (2000-2005) of Frascati lab Scientific Information Service, including library and negotiations of subscriptions contracts.

National responsible of SCOAP3 since 2007. Contact point for INFN in OA2020. Referent for INFN with CRUI-CARE (the Conference of Italian Rectors) for subscription contracts.

Member of INFN working group on Open Access. Member of working group on LODES project proposed to GSF OECD for interoperability of linked open data for open science.