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Sally Rumsey

OA Expert & Academic Librarian (Retired)

Sally Rumsey was, until July 2022, Jisc’s OA Expert working as support for cOAlition S in all areas covered by Plan S, especially the Plan S Rights Retention Strategy. Prior to that, she was Head of Scholarly Communications & RDM, Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford. There she managed the University’s repository service for research outputs, Oxford University Research Archive (ORA and ORA-Data https://ora.ox.ac.uk). She was previously e-Services Librarian and manager of the repository at the London School of Economics.

Sally remains a member of the UKSCL (Scholarly Communications Licence) group.


Sally, what’s the biggest challenge you have encountered during your Open Access journey?

Accepting that change in attitudes and habitual practice takes time – for example, open access to research findings which, 16 years ago was a new idea to many researchers, but is now commonly accepted. With such experience, I am confident the same will happen before long with authors’ habitually retaining their rights to use their own works immediately.

If you could have any superpower, which one would you choose and why?

Not strictly a superpower – but it seems like it when watching the professionals: I’d really love to be able to dance like the pros: classical ballet, the jive, or, my absolute favourite, tap dancing!