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João Mendes Moreira

Director of the Scientific Information Area, scientific computing unit / Portugal's Foundation for Science and Technology

João Mendes Moreira has a degree in computer science. Over the past two decades, it has developed, directly or indirectly, activities in the area of ​​advanced infrastructure and services for the research and education community.

He is currently Director of the Scientific Information Area of ​​the scientific computing unit (FCCN) of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). This area’s main mission is to provide the national education and research community with access to recognized and prestigious scientific information sources (b-on initiative), to promote, support and facilitate open access to scientific production (RCAAP initiative) and facilitate the management and access to information on science and technology in Portugal (PTCRIS initiative).

He is/was member of several committees and working groups of which stand out, for the panel in question, the following: National point of reference of the ERAC SWG Open Science & Innovation e national delegate of the EOSC Governing Board amongst others.