Providing libraries, library consortia, and funders with the ability to quickly compare journal publishing services and fees.

Enabling publishers to respond to customer requests for more standard, transparent, and granular price and service information, to demonstrate their commitment to open business models and business cultures, and to build better awareness of and appreciation for their services and value.

 What is the Journal Comparison Service? 

A secure, free-of-charge service that enables libraries, library consortia, and funders to better understand if the fees they pay are commensurate with the publication services delivered. Publishers provide information in a standard format, including information about the publication frequency, the peer review process, times from submission to acceptance, the range of list prices for APCs and subscriptions and more.

 What problem does the Journal Comparison Service address? 

Members of the research community have called for greater transparency regarding the services publishers provide and the fees they charge. Many publishers are willing to be responsive to this need, but until now there was no standardised or secure way for publishers to share this information with their customers. This innovative service enables publishers to build understanding and trust within the research community.