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Feedback on the Implementation Guidance of Plan S Generates Large Public Response


Over 600 individuals and organisations provided feedback to cOAlition S on the implementation guidance of Plan S. Originating from over 40 countries, respondents providing feedback include researchers, librarians and libraries, publishers and editors, universities, learned societies, research funders and performers, and other interested citizens and organisations.

“We would like to thank the individuals and organisations who took the time to react and provide feedback. Never before have our diverse scholarly communities seen a debate on Open Access and the future of scholarly communications play out on such a global scale” said David Sweeney, Executive Chair of Research England (UKRI) and co-chair of the cOAlition S task force.

Responses are now being analysed and will feed into an updated version of the Plan S implementation guidance. An initial analysis of the feedback will be released in the spring and all feedback responses will be made openly available.

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