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DIAMAS project launches survey on Open Access Diamond and Institutional Publishing landscape


The OA Diamond and Institutional Publishing Landscape Survey has just been launched and aims to gain insights into how Institutional Publishing is organised and what challenges it currently faces. It addresses institutional publishers and institutional service providers and will remain open until 30 April. The survey is important as it can help in the development of resources, tools, policies, and strategies that will support Institutional Publishers and their associated stakeholders. So, if you’re an Institutional Publishing Services Provider (IPSP) from the European Research Area, this is your chance to have your voice heard.

The survey is conducted by DIAMAS, an EU-funded project focused on capacity-building for institutional open access publishing across Europe, of which cOAlition S is a partner. Based on the survey results, DIAMAS will create a registry of “institutional publishing service providers” through landscape mapping, thus building a community ready to share knowledge and collaborate. Furthermore, the project will develop a series of best practices, policy recommendations, and guidelines to help strengthen the community and set evidence-based quality standards.

If you are interested in participating, you can find all the information you need on the DIAMAS website, including a blog post explaining what Institutional Publishing Service Providers (IPSPs) are and why they are important for DIAMAS. To support respondents, DIAMAS is hosting a series of SURVEY-A-THONS. These sessions will give participants more details and guidance about completing the survey. Finally, you can download a PDF version to preview all the questions before taking the survey.