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COAR and cOAlition S Supporting Repositories to Adhere to Plan S


COAR and cOAlition S share a common aim to accelerate the transition to full and immediate Open Access to scholarly publications and COAR supports the vision and principles outlined in Plan S.

Repositories offer a low-cost, high-value option for providing Open Access and are also a mechanism for introducing innovation in scholarly communication, acting as vehicles for developing new dissemination models and providing access to a wide range of scholarly content.

One of the routes for complying with Plan S is for authors to make the final published version or the Author’s Accepted Manuscript openly available in a Plan S compliant repository. cOAlition S and COAR acknowledge that some of the specific technical requirements of Plan S will entail extra effort for some repositories, however, these requirements can for the most part be addressed by the community.

In order to ensure that repositories can comply with Plan S, COAR and cOAlition S intend to work together to support repositories in adhering to the requirements through the following activities:

  • COAR will engage with the most widely adopted repository platforms to determine their current capabilities to support Plan S, identify any challenges, and provide expertise and knowledge to help with the adoption of technical requirements by the platforms.
  • COAR will work through its members, partners and regional networks to provide leadership and guidance related to the adoption of persistent identifiers, standard vocabularies, and quality metadata in repositories.
  • COAR will provide cOAlition S with relevant feedback from different regions and the repository community about issues or barriers to the endorsement and implementation of Plan S.
  • COAR and cOAlition S will work on a strategic roadmap to strengthen and transform the role of repositories in supporting Open Access and Open Science.